Stretch your legs at 76 Commerce Center

The new space has been a great selling point when seeking to hire new qualified workers.
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Stretch your legs at 76 Commerce Center with numerous park amenities fostering wellness, activity and connection.
Trail systems abound with close proximity to Barr State Regional Park
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Trails, gathering spaces, fun activities, and more.

Our plan at 76 Commerce Center includes outdoor amenities that include a food truck court, trail systems, activity areas, and more.

Whether it’s taking a group run before work or having an midday meeting in the sunshine, the amenities at 76 Commerce Center will foster connections, community and wellness.


On Site Food Truck Court

Our amenity plan calls for a food truck court onsite to provide meal options to your staff.

Mix it Up Weekly

Ample Trail Systems for Walking & Biking

Native plants and landscaping are currently being planted across campus for long term growth.


Activities Areas Built Into Campus

To keep your team happy and engaged, we are building in exercise areas including volleyball courts!

Volleyball and More

Bike Fixit Station to Promote Wellness

Live nearby? Bring your bike to work and tune it up to and from your home with the Fixit station.

Commute to Work

Download the latest amenity plan for 76 Commerce Center


Project Contacts

Daniel Close, Senior VP

Todd Witty, Senior VP

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